2017 Christmas Mini Sessions

SATURDAY, December 2, 2017 :: 9-4PM

Hello! Thanks for signing up for a Mini Session! I'm looking forward to taking your photos.

Here are a couple notes that might answer some questions you may have before signing up.

  • The photo sessions will take place at 319 Deer Trail Road, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068.
  • Each photo session will last 30 minutes and cost $150.
  • Sessions will typically include a family shot, shots of each child, and a shot of the couple. (If you prefer others, I love new ideas!)
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1. Be prompt! Please arrive 10 minutes early to your session. Because it's a busy day of photo taking, your slot could get lost in the shuffle if you arrive late. 2. Please bring a check made out to Rachel Magree or send money to Rachel via Venmo at @rachelmagree. Payment will be collected before your session begins.
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Rachel Magree (referred to hereafter as "The Photographer") will be present for the thirty minutes allotted to the "mini session" on the day and time indicated in this form unless circumstances listed in this contract occur.The Photographer requires approximately four weeks, beginning on the date of the session, for the processing and editing of the photos. The photos will be in digital format and the Client (name specified above in this form) will then be able to print the photos as the Client so desires.The Photographer cannot be held responsible for photos not taken or moments not photographed. Quantity and variety of photos will be specified by the Photographer and will be left to her discretion.The Photographer cannot be held responsible for missed coverage due to weather, scheduling conflicts created by the Client or the progression of the session itself, or to the rules and restrictions specified by the session location.The Photographer cannot be expected to be present if prevented by fire, casualty, Acts of God or nature, or other circumstances outside of the Photographer's control including illness or injury.The deposit for this session is the full package price. It will be due at the session.If the Photographer cannot be present for one of the reasons mentioned above, she will return the deposit to the Client and this contract will be made void.The Photographer cannot be held responsible for the destruction of the photos due to any of the reasons mentioned above, for the loss of the photos through the mail, or the damage of photo files due to processing, camera malfunction or any other cause that is outside the Photographer's control.The photos should not be altered or edited in any way. The Photographer reserves the right to edit the photos and will be the final authority on the photos offered for sale to the Client.All photographs taken by the Photographer are protected under copyright. To duplicate, scan, reproduce or alter the photos digitally or otherwise without the Photographer's express written permission is a violation of federal copyright.