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The Boyden Family :: Family Photography, Columbus, Ohio


It's starting to become one of my favorite parts of fall. I get a call from Kate to photograph her beautiful and growing family of girls. (Last year's shoot was especially fun.) This year they were just as sweet as ever, especially the newest addition :-).


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The Schmitt Family :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio


Welcome back to the blog, Rachel. This is officially the first post that has been published since the birth of my little #2 and here we are, over two months later. I'm happy to see things are somewhat where I left them, but hopefully not for long! (I'm working with some amazing creative people to give this space a face-lift.. more to come.)

I'm also hoping to post a little summation of our journey of bringing our new little one in the world, as bumpy-then-smooth as it was. Fingers crossed. My to-do list vanishes into the newborn cuddle sometimes.

I'm simply smitten with the families I was able to photograph during my Fall Family Mini Sessions. After a too-long hiatus from being behind the lens, I felt like I jumped in with both feet, hauled hay-bales and pumpkins and was all filled up with joy afterwords thanks to these wonderful families.

These little ones were altogether too cooperative, and they made everything easy with their bright and smiling faces.




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The Madrid Family :: Large Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio

I am the fifth of seven children. 

Don't worry, I'm seeing someone about it. No no no, just kidding. My siblings are, without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts that have been given to me. While there were aspects of childhood that involved using your elbows to stake out some real estate at the countertop during breakfast (cereal, bought in bulk at Big Bear), and answering to any one of your siblings' names at any given time ("Ben! No. Elizabeth! No. Anna! No. Rebekah! Wait, who are you?!"), there were also aspects that very gracefully helped to form me into who I am. 

There were things like sharing a room with sisters that provided late night hours of talk [giggle] time. There were older brothers who guided me through adventures in horseback riding. There were younger siblings who forced you to understand that you simply can't have the limelight all the time. I got to go to five weddings, where I was so joyful they almost felt like my own.

Everyone who shares in these sorts of memories knows that we all have different experiences of large families, but what I loved about photographing the family in these photos was that some of this same joy and soul-filling nourishment that I've experienced in my big family, came out as I was photographing their big family.

I have known the Madrid's for a long time, thanks to weaving in and out of the same pews and church halls on donut Sundays for many, many years. Between the siblings and the parents, the little cousins, and the grandparents, there was a unique and irreplaceable sincerity that was beautiful to witness. 

Fun side note: Judith, a friend of mine and a member of this beautiful bunch, also has a photography business! Check her out here: Judith Madrid Photography



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The Marchi Family :: Family Photo, Columbus, Ohio

Did you know that you're supposed to wash your makeup brushes regularly with baby shampoo?

Well you are. And this is something I never knew until I met my friend, Angela. I've done this once in my four years of owning makeup brushes (these ones, for example, on Amazon from Oprah's Fav. Things) . I have sincere aspirations of washing them, I really do. (Please don't tell Angela.)

Angela is a friend of mine who is my go-to person for all things good makeup product. She's like a walking talking catalogue of every good Pinterest pin, blog post or magazine article you've read on how to take care of your skin and face. 

Fun friend history fact: Angela put all of this knowledge to use on me on my wedding day, which was such a joy. It was an education for me, for sure. We can say this: There were the products I used before that day, and then there were all the products Angela told me to use on that day. I've bought Angela's recommendations ever since. (See photos evidence of this below, thanks to Lydia Ruth Photography.)

And, my other favorite thing about Angela, is that she has asked me to help her document the life of her precious little daughter over the past year. Clara is...[see cuteness in photos]. I've grown to love when I get a text from her to document a milestone.

So thank you, Angela, for all of your makeup hacks and all of your beautiful daughter's sweetness!



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Booking Open! 2017 Fall Family Mini Sessions

I'm excited to announce that booking is now open for the 2017 Fall Family Mini Sessions. Last year, a mini session day fell into place at the last minute, and it was so much fun that we're jumping on it again this year!

Here are the details:

  • The photo sessions will take place at Friendship Park in Gahanna, just off 670E.
  • Each photo session will last 30 minutes and cost $150.
  • Sessions will typically include a family shot, shots of each child, and a shot of the couple. (If you prefer others, I love new ideas!)
  • The digital photo files will be sent to you via email in two weeks.
  • Should it rain on September 16th, the rain reschedule day is September 30th, 2017.

To sign up, hop on over to this page:

I hope to see you there!

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